We provide support on all levels and in all industries. From the semi skilled to the seasoned professional, MidEast is here to find you the perfect candidate.


For Clients

We offer efficient staffing services to diverse organizations by linking them to personnel.



  • Open to all communication for overall guidelines.
  • Provide documentation guidelines and attestation procedures from respective Bangladesh Embassy.
  • Generate market feedback and plan accordingly.
  • Assist and recommend toward accommodation.
  • Issue invitation letters as necessary.
  • Advertise to mobilize candidates as necessary.
  • Initiate database of candidates.
  • Organize interview sessions.
  • Arrange tools and materials necessary to conduct skill tests.
  • Put together individual files with credentials (if any) to present.
  • Present passports of candidates for necessary inspections.
  • Video entire interview session for post interview review.
  • Arrange post selection group briefing by interviewers.
  • Facilitate adjustment – readjustment of arrangements as directed by the interview team.
  • Expedite post selection formalities to have candidates ready for deployment as per guidelines.

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For Candidates

We provide our candidates with the basic guidance, training and opportunities to be placed in well established organizations around the Mena Region.


We provide following guidance & services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Obtain required permission from appropriate Government Authority.
  • Create database for interview session and keep them posted accordingly.
  • Collect the photos, passport and other necessary documents.
  • Guide toward registration with the Government and submit fingerprint.
  • Medical test for candidates and collect medical fitness cards.
  • Police Clearance where applicable.
  • Collect Birth Certificate, Nationality Certificate, and Educational Certificate if applicable.
  • Provide complementary books on trade courses and language.
  • On line visa application if necessary.
  • Apply for stamping visas and collect visas from the respective Embassy as required.
  • Guiding toward mandatory government pre-deployment  training sessions and collect training certificates.
  • Submit and collect immigration clearance and smart card.
  • Mandatory re-test on skill and reinforce on skill as necessary.
  • Review all necessary documents including employment contract.
  • Mandatory pre-deployment briefing session of 4 hours.
  • Open Q & A session.
  • Airport Drop off Service.
  • Collect Arrival Feedback.

Please contact us for more details.